"Among the transparency measures that are recommended are: The counting and tabulation of votes should be fully transparent and accessible to representatives of election contestants, as well as other observers; Representatives and, if possible, observers should also be given copies of results compiled at all levels of election administration; The transportation and receipt of sensitive election materials should also be accessible to representatives and observers under appropriate security arrangements; The announcement of results should be expeditious, and the information that is published should be complete (including the actual numbers of votes cast, and not just percentages); The publication of results should include detailed breakdowns nationally, regionally (if applicable), and by polling stations (if votes are counted in this manner) or other voting sites or methods, except in highly exceptional circumstances where identifying the geographical distribution of the results of voting could lead to discrimination, retributions, or other severe adverse action against a local or regional population, and such circumstances should be explained and be subject to judicial review."
OSCE (ODIHR): Existing Commitments for Democratic Elections in OSCE Participating States, p. 73

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Existing Commitments for Democratic Elections in OSCE Participating States