"One practice that can ensure this standard is to require provision to political parties of the right to free time on public radio and television on a permanent basis, and not only during electoral periods. A legal framework that provides that all political parties are guaranteed an established number of minutes of broadcasting per month can ensure this practice. Ideally, during electoral campaigns, political parties and candidates would be allocated additional free time in order for them to disseminate information about their candidatures. Free broadcasting time or free newspaper space during election periods should be allotted under an established formula that can be applied objectively. Objective application is ensured if the law specifies the percentage to be distributed to political parties and candidates on a n equal basis, regardless of parliamentary strength. It is also recommended that the amount of broadcast time distributed on an equal basis be sufficient to enable all political parties and candidates to complete effectively in the elections."
OSCE (ODIHR): Guidelines for Reviewing a Legal Framework for Elections, First Edition, pp. 19-20

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Guidelines for Reviewing a Legal Framework for Elections, First Edition