"When the referendum is legally binding: i. For a certain period of time, a text that has been rejected in a referendum may not be adopted by a procedure without referendum. ii. During the same period of time, a provision that has been accepted in a referendum may not be revised by another method. iii. The above does not apply in the case of a referendum on partial revision of a text, where the previous referendum concerned a total revision. iv. The revision of a rule of superior law that is contrary to the popular vote is not legally unacceptable but should be avoided during the above-mentioned period. v. In the event of rejection of a text adopted by Parliament and put to the popular vote at the request of a section of the electorate, a similar new text must not be put to the vote unless a referendum is requested. "
CoE (Venice Commission): Code of Good Practice on Referendums, para. III.5.a

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Code of Good Practice on Referendums