"The Court reaffirms that the object and purpose of the Convention requires its provisions to be interpreted and applied in such a way as to make their stipulations not just theoretical or illusory but practical and effective (see, for example, Artico v. Italy, 13 May 1980, § 33, Series A no. 37; United Communist Party of Turkey and Others v. Turkey, 30 January 1998, § 33, Reports of Judgments and Decisions 1998-I; and Chassagnou and Others v. France [GC], nos. 25088/94, 28331/95 and 28443/95, § 100, ECHR 1999-III). The rights guaranteed by Article 3 of Protocol No. 1, rights which are inherent in the concept of a truly democratic system, would be illusory if the applicant or his electors could be arbitrarily deprived of them at any moment (see, mutatis mutandis, Melnychenko v. Ukraine, no. 17707/02, § 59, ECHR 2004-X). "
CoE (ECHR): Case of Lykourezos v. Greece, para. 56

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Case of Lykourezos v. Greece