"Governments have a general obligation to safeguard the physical security of all people within their jurisdiction. In addition, various statements in UN documents support a heightened obligation of governments to protect journalist and media offices from physical attack. The member of the UN, at the 1993 World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna…among other matters, reaffirmed and strengthened their commitment to give effect to many of the fundamental rights set forth in the [UDHR]. Paragraph 25 of the Vienna Declaration is particularly relevant: [T]he World Conference encourages the increased involvement of the media, for whom freedom and protection should be guaranteed within the framework of national law...For the above reasons and owing to the particular importance during election campaigns of protecting the security of the mass media, including those that publish controversial views, governments must be especially vigilant during election campaigns to condemn, investigate and punish attacks against media personnel and property."
Article 19: Guidelines for Election Broadcasting in Transitional Democracies, p. 62-63

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Guidelines for Election Broadcasting in Transitional Democracies